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Part-Time Faculty Appointment (Adjunct)

For information about Part-Time Faculty Appointments please refer to the Faculty of Health Sciences, Human Resources website.

Below are some quick links to the information and documents required for completion of the Part-Time Faculty Appointment (Adjunct) Application:

  1. Adjunct Appointment Instruction Letter
  2. Faculty of Health Sciences - Part-Time/Adjunct Policy
  3. Adjunct Appointments Overview
  4. Faculty of Health Sciences - Adjunct Application Form
  5. Adjunct/Part-Time CV Guidelines

Current Faculty members wishing to acquire a MacID: ActivateEmployeeMACID
If you don't know our McMaster Employee Identification number, then please go to your department of faculty affairs representative for assistance with your MacID.

McMaster CV Management System: Mac-FACTS link

Department of Family Medicine Faculty Information: DFM Faculty Website

Academic Coordinator Contacts: Directory Listing